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Marland and Rushton

Back in late 2016, Tom Marland and Max Rushton decided to start their own radio show to help with their degree. 3 years later, they've come a long way from their first show.
Cat Corner, This Week At The Movies and Throwback Thursday along with some great tunes sticking everything together, Marland and Rushton have shared some great laughs for their listeners!


The Marland and Rushton (Insert Event Here) Special

Throughout the 3 years, Marland and Rushton have had a fair share of special shows. From their Christmas Parties to their Most Unromantic Valentines, they always put their own spin on things to have a laugh or two.

Rushton's Road Trip Playlist.

Imagine your on a roadtrip across America with the roof down. The only other thing you'd want is some rocking tunes to sing along to right?
Ruston's Roadtrip Playlist tells your boss to shut up for an hour and gives you some awesome tunes for your whole office to rock out to, along with some great features and topics coupled in with some great laughs.

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